Brouwer & Law is an expert in intellectual property, media and privacy law and product legislation. We advise and litigate on copyright, trademarks and product design, and we assist companies in compliance with IT, advertising and privacy legislation. We at Brouwer & Law distinguish ourselves with our quality and perspective. We believe in creativity and thinking out of the box: the most obvious solution is not always the bestsolution. When necessary, we dig deep and search until we find the needle in the haystack.

Brouwer & Law combines an extensive knowledge of the law with a deep sense of justice and a passion for creativity, design, innovation and new media. We appreciate the need for high quality and to-the-point legal advice, and we review the underlying commercial interests behind each request for legal advice. We seek out-of-court solutions for disputes whenever possible. We only instigate court proceedings when absolutely necessary.

Our services include reviewing, drafting and negotiating supply and distribution contracts, licence and software contracts, sales & delivery terms and conditions, and all types of contracts in the media and publishing fields. We strive to not only to cover legal risks but also play the role of sparring partner in finding creative solutions that bring negotiations to a successful conclusion.


Brouwer & Law provides its services to companies in the retail, fashion, design, new media and IT sectors. Our law firm is internationally oriented and is characterized by its services to companies seeking high-quality legal advice in the protection of their product portfolios and their compliance with increasingly complex legislation.

Cooperation and flexibility

Brouwer & Law is convinced of the need for cooperation and in flexibility. The specific legal expertise that is required varies for each client and in each case. We can also serve clients outside our specific area of expertise by collaborating with a network of high quality lawyers and experts in fields including company law, competition law and employment law, as well as trademark attorneys and, in international disputes and requests for advice, specialised lawyers abroad. The independence of our law firm offers us the flexibility needed to call in the appropriate experts in each case.

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