Brouwer & Law is convinced of the need for cooperation and flexibility. The specific legal expertise that is required varies for each client and in each case. Some cases require input from various areas of expertise.

We can, when the need arises, draw on the expertise of a network of high quality lawyers and experts. We can call on experts including specialists in the field of company law, competition law and employment law, technical experts, trademark attorneys and, in international disputes and requests for advice, we can also call in specialised lawyers abroad. We always call in experts in consultation with the client. This approach ensures that Brouwer & Law can provide our clients optimum service, in part by virtue of the independence of our law firm that offers us the flexibility needed to call in the appropriate experts for each case.

Brouwer & Law directs the case and ensures that the appropriate knowledge and expertise are available for the optimum handling of each case. The core values of Brouwer & Law and all specialists with whom we cooperate are quality, professionalism, efficiency, speed and, obviously, the interests of the client.

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