Copyright Law & Design

Copyright law protects creative works including literary work, music, art and photography, industrial design, fashion, architecture, games and software. Creative choices made in all these fields can qualify for copyright protection, and the external designs of products for protection by registered or unregistered design rights.

Brouwer & Law advises on and litigates in matters of copyright law and industrial design. We work for companies with international product portfolios for which intellectual property rights are key assets. Brouwer & Law advises companies, designers and artists on international strategies for the protection of their products and creativity.

Disputes on counterfeit goods

Whether a product is too similar to another product is both a factual and legal question. The case law on copyright law, design rights, slavish imitation is continually developing, and is no longer restricted to national borders. Litigation in disputes can be accompanied by high risks arising from the award of large amounts of damages and costs against the losing party. Consequently, expert legal advice is essential.

Brouwer & Law has a wealth of experience in the representation of clients and resolution of disputes on infringements of copyrights, and on design rights, slavish imitation and plagiarism. Our experience enables us to determine the appropriate national or international process strategy and, when necessary, to exert maximum pressure on an infringer to cease infringement or force a solution to a drawn-out dispute. Whenever possible, we achieve a speedy and efficient solution on reaching a settlement.


The services provided by Brouwer & Law include the drafting and review of national and international commercial contracts such as licensing contracts, distribution contracts, agency agreements and sales & delivery terms and conditions. Brouwer & Law has an in-depth understanding of the interests at stake in the international supply chain: we regard drafting watertight contracts providing optimum cover of the risks as a personal challenge.

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