Privacy law has become a hot issue following the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The rules governing companies and organizations have become more stringent, and the threat of hefty fines has increased the pressure on compliance. Brouwer & Law advises on GDPR compliance and helps organizations to identify their data processing activities and determine the steps they need to take to achieve GDPR compliance. Our services include drafting privacy declarations, cookie statements and processing agreements, advice on the processing of specific data and guidance on the formulation of an internal privacy policy. We can respond to a data leak by offering emergency assistance in determining when notification is required and in guiding the notification process.

Brouwer & Law is interested in the political and philosophical discussion on privacy and conflicts on the interface between privacy and freedom of expression. Brouwer & Law certainly does not perceive privacy as an outdated concept.

Berber Brouwer is a Certified International Privacy Professional (CIPP), which she was awarded by the International Association for Privacy Professionals (IAPP).

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