The legal profession has traditionally worked on the basis of hourly rates. Brouwer & Law appreciates our clients’ need for an advance insight into the costs of our services. For this reason, we always submit a cost estimate and are willing to make price agreements whenever this is feasible.

Companies and organizations that regularly need legal support can receive a customised quotation based on a subscription or fixed monthly fee. Brouwer & Law can assist companies and organizations in need of long-term or temporary legal support by fulfilling the role of external company lawyer on the basis of a pre-agreed monthly fee. This can be an attractive solution for companies that do not have the capacity to employ a fulltime company lawyer.

Noblesse oblige

Brouwer & Law advocates noblesse obligeand the social role of the legal profession. For this reason, our law firm is prepared assist organizations such as NGOs and charities by taking on cases that are of social relevance at reduced rates.

Brouwer & Law is open to specific price agreements with start-ups and SMEs, and is willing to discuss customised quotations for our services.

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